Phil Shorthouse Professional Toastmaster in Kent

Ferry House Inn, Harty

I am the only toastmaster recommend, and included as the in-house master of ceremonies for all larger weddings at the Inn. I was added to the prestigious recommended supplier list at their invitation in 2015.  Previous to this they did not recommend a toastmaster as a necessary addition to a couples wedding plans.


Victoria Burden, General Manager explains more

We had unfortunately seen so many poor examples that were either ineffective or too expensive that we just could not recommend the service as a necessary expense to our clients. Planning a wedding with our couple, for years can be frustrating if their ‘vision’ is not fully achieved on the day due to lack of direction for guests, or because they are not fully relaxed and ‘taken care of’. 

As a venue, with so much ‘behind the scenes’ work to be done, there is only so much we can assist in place of a toastmaster – the effect is never the same.


Toastmasters are often seen as overly-formal and stuffy.

Phil is so friendly and relaxed that he suits even the most informal of weddings, which ironically are usually the style which need most guidance on the day. Phil is committed to providing an excellent service, balancing professionalism with approachable friendliness perfectly.

Phil surpasses the traditional requirements of a toastmaster, fully prepared for any crisis from a ripped dress to a last minute bought of nerves, putting any wedding couple at ease with his charming manner. 


What separates Phil from most toastmasters is the level of effort put in to his services, from guest arrival to first dance he is on hand at all times for anything the bridal party need and enhances any style of wedding from an informal garden party to a Lord of the Rings themed celebration!


It's official! Our in-house toastmaster Phil Shorthouse is now an award winning toastmaster, having won the 'Master of Ceremonies' Award at the Kent Wedding Awards! We know this meant a lot to Phil, we are so happy you won and are very proud to call you our in-house toastmaster. Bring on 2016!


Victoria Burden. General Manager. The Ferry House Inn, Harty, Kent. ME12 4BQ

Phil Shorthouse Professional Toastmaster in Kent

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